Analysis of Oil in vehicles and machinery

What is Oil Analysis?

Oil analysis is a quick inexpensive way to gauge the health of an engine by looking at what's in the oil. People use oil analysis for different reasons: to see if there are any problems developing, to see if their oil is working well in the engine, and to see if they can run longer oil changes.

Oil analysis is like a blood test. Like blood, oil contains a good deal of information about the engine in which it circulates. Wear of metallic parts, produces a lot of minute particles, which are carried by the lubricant. These small metal particles can give information about the machine elements that are wearing, and can be detected.

On-Site Oil Analysis of Mn pulls a sample and analyzes oil for various properties and materials to monitor wear and contamination in an engine, transmission or hydraulic system. Sampling and analyzing on a regular basis establishes a baseline of normal wear and can help indicate when abnormal wear or contamination is occurring. Particles caused by normal wear and operation will mix with the oil. Any externally caused contamination also enters the oil. By analyzing the oil, you get an indication of the rate of wear and of any excessive contamination.

On-Site Oil Analysis of Mn tests for the presence of a number of different materials to determine sources of wear, find dirt and other contamination, and check the condition of the oil.

Some wear is normal, but abnormal levels of a particular metal can give an early warning of impending problems and possibly prevent a major breakdown. Early detection from analysis can allow for corrective action before major damage occurs. Probably one of the major advantages of an oil analysis program is being able to anticipate problems and schedule repair work to avoid downtime during a critical time of use.

One potential use of On-Site Oil Analysis of Mn, is in the evaluation of used equipment being considered for purchase.

The physical properties tested for are: Silicon, Potassium, Sodium, Water, Oxidation, Glycol, TBN (Total base number), and Soot.

The metals tested for are: Aluminum, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Lead, and Tin.

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